Mega Power Pak Paste

Peak Performance

Mega Power Pak paste from Peak Performance is designed to be used before an event to help give your horse the energy and stamina to finish the event as strong as he started! 

Ingredients include amino acids, creatine and even an herbal breathing blend. These ingredients combine to promote healthy muscle function, muscle endurance, energy, and respiratory support. It will not test and can be used during competition. 

Creatine ethyl ester, l-arginine AKG, l-carnitine, American ginseng, ci wu jia, dong chong xai, calcium pyruvate, mullein leaf powder, N.N-Dimethylglcine, radix asteris
Give 1 tube 6 hours before strenuous exercise
FarmVet Tip:

Great to use before strenuous exercise!
Follow event rules that govern the use of all products, as well as the timing for when products may be given.

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