Nature's Force Fly Spray

$17.81 $20.95

Nature’s Force Fly Spray is a natural and effective insect repellent that is safe and easy on your horse’s skin. Providing twenty-four hours of protection, Nature’s Force Fly Spray is safe to use around children while still packing the punch needed to knock down and kill insect pests. Organic and pet safe, give Nature’s Force Fly Spray a try this summer to keep the biting swarms away!

$17.81 $20.95

Size 32 oz

Clove oil - 1.7%, Thyme oil - 1.7%, Cinnamon oil - 1.5%, Lemongrass oil - 1.5%, Peppermint oil - 1.0%, Other ingredients - 92.6%
FarmVet Tip: Nature’s Force Fly Spray can be used on your dogs as well as your horses!
Do not use on immature animals

Do not spray in eyes, nose, mouth, or genitalia - use a cloth to apply near sensitive areas

Keep out of reach of children

Mild allergic reactions are possible

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