Nature's Force Wipes


Nature's Force Wipes are a natural, easy to use insect repellent designed to keep dangerous pests away from your horse's sensitive nose, mouth, and eyes. Unlike a spray that could cause irritation or even damage if sprayed in the eyes of other mucosal membranes, Nature's Force Wipes allow easy, precision application of botanical oils that keeps mosquitoes, flies, and other pests away. Try Nature’s Force Wipes to keep your horse’s face clear of pests this summer.


Natural, botanical oils repel insects

More precise application than sprays

Gentle wipes allow you to apply around the eyes, nose, and mouth

Cottonseed oil - 3%, Soybean oil - 2%, Sodium lauryl sulfate - 1%, Citronella oil - 0.21%, Cornmint oil - 0.14%, Cedarwood oil - 0.14%, Rosemary oil - 0.11%
FarmVet Tip:

Nature’s Force makes a wide variety of gentle, natural products which work great for horses (or pets) that are allergic to or irritated by other products.
  • Be careful around the eyes
  • Throw away wipes - do not flush
  • Wash hands afterwards

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