Bianco Wash (Previously NorPlus)


Cavalor’s Bianco Wash, previously NorPlus Shampoo, is specially formulated to remove stains and brighten coats on your grey or light-colored horse. This shampoo is tough on dirt but gentle on skin, and the highly concentrated formula means a little goes a long way. Bianco Wash is also perfect for brightening white legs so your horse stands out in the show ring.

*Note: Cavalor has recently redesigned some of their product packaging. At this time we have both new and old packaging in stock. Please be advised that we will be sending old packaging out until that inventory is cleared.

Mix 30mL of Bianco Wash into an 8L bucket of lukewarm water, creating a foamy mixture. Apply to the horse’s coat with a sponge, then rinse thoroughly and repeat if needed. Bianco Wash can also be applied in small amounts directly to the coat. 
For external use only.

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