Rain Maker


Farnam's Rain Maker is a standard formula hoof dressing that uses a "Triple Action" treatment to improve moisture levels in horse hooves. After the formula attracts additional moisture into the hoof, the natural ingredients found in Rain Maker help the hoof maintain it's moisture. This treatment also helps the hoof gain more elasticity and improves texture, shine, and natural color. 


Size 32 oz

  • Draws in and retains hoof moisture
  • Improves hoof texture, shine, and color 
  • Strengthens against quarter cracks and breakage
Neatsfoot Oil, White Petrolatum, Pine Tar, Lanolin, Aloe Vera Oil, Glycerine, Hydrolyzed Animal Protein
Clean and dry the hoof sole and wall prior to application. Use the applicator brush for application. Coat the entire hoof wall, frog, and sole. 

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