Rambo Fly Buster

Horseware Ireland
$149.99 to $219.99


Keep your horse protected from pests with a Rambo Fly Buster Vamoose with No Fly Zone from Horseware Ireland. The ultra-breathable soft mesh is strong enough to withstand pasture play while allowing your horse quiet time outdoors during insect-infested times of the year. Neck cover with mane liner included. 




• Soft but Strong Mesh Outer
• Ultra Breathable
• Shoulder Liner
• Patented Leg Arches™ & 3rd Surcingle
• Patented 'V' Front Closure
• Supersized Tail Flap
• Detachable Neck Cover with Mane Liner Included.


How to fit your Horseware blanket:
Using a soft measuring tape, measure from the center point of the chest, across the point of the shoulder, and end at the center of the tail. This measurement should be taken in inches. When you have that measurement, remove 4 inches, and that is your horse's blanket size.  

Every horse is a different shape, so bear in mind that they may go up or down a size according to the fit and cut of the blanket.


Lightweight polyester/polypropylene fabric is soft, absorbent and long wearing, yet is tough enough for turnout. Permethrin-based insect repellent treatment just like that used in clothing for people. EPA approved, it is odorless, colorless and will not rub off on your horse. Longer lasting and more convenient than sprays, it remains effective against flies, mosquitoes and ticks (including those that carry West Nile disease) for 25 washings. Also protects against UV damage and prevents bleaching of the coat.

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