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REBOUND Hoof Pack by Kehoe Enterprises, LLC is a super sticky product formulated to simplify your hoof packing process! 

This Veterinarian recommended formula will help draw out pain, soreness, and inflammation from an abscess, pulled shoe, and everything in between. The natural ingredients help promote the correct moisture balance within the hoof. 


  • Show safe formula
  • All natural ingredients
  • No wrapping necessary
  • Helps relieve pain and soreness in the hoof 


Directions for use: 
  • Start by cleaning and drying the bottom, or underside, of the horse's hoof to ensure maximum absorption. 
  • Wet your hand and scoop out a generous amount of Rebound. Be sure to press it firmly into the bottom of the hoof while ensuring that it is packed into all crevices. 
  • Sprinkle shavings on the exposed surface. 
  • No need to wrap the hoof for shod horses, but wrapping is recommended for barefoot horses. 


FarmVet Tip: 
"I have used Rebound for years and have always been pleased with how easy it is to use. Teddy likes to dance around in the crosswise and I love how easily this washes off with water if I accidentally get any on his legs. I was tired of the old process (soak, refill bucket when Teddy dumps it over, soak, dry, pack, paper, diaper, duct tape...repeat) and was thrilled to find something all in one. I'm an eventer and find that if I pack all 4 after a long gallop, he tends to come out ready to go the next day."
Kathy, FarmVet Rider 


Active Ingredients: Epsom salts, Iodine, Pine Tar, Arnica

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