Regen-x EQ Hoof Cream

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Stop the damaging cycle on your horse's hooves by using Regen-x Hoof Therapy Cream. The special hydrating formula helps heal brittle and weakened hooves by using a BioBlocker antimicrobial formula that attacks dry damaged areas and reduces fungi that can cause thrush and white line disease. 


Size 16 oz

Daily exercise and general use can cause severe long-term damage to your horse's hooves. This is where Regen-x comes in. It's scientific formula helps heal even long-term damage and protects from future damage to the hoof by adding strength and hydration to the affect areas.

  • Safe for the skin
  • Absorbs into the hoof wall quickly
  • Reduces cracked or damaged hooves
  • Reduces fungi that causes thrush and white lines disease
  • Hydrates
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Bottles contain 200 applications.
Make sure you clean the hoof completely before each time you apply Regen-x. Apply a light coating of the cream to the entire hoof. Make sure you include the Coronet Band, Heel, Sole and Frog Areas. 
FarmVet Tip:

Apply twice daily for best results.
Best if used within 90 days of opening the bottle. Store in a dry, cool location.

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A friend that had a sample of this hoof product gave me a bottle . The company was new and was hesitant as the label an image work was nothing to rage about but it was free and I decided to try the product on my paint we live in florida..and all I can say is this hoof product is the best
<br> product I have every used and Works. I have had horses all my life and tried all kinds of supplement hoof products.
<br> None have given the results like restores crack's and moisture to the hoof and did I say growth my blacksmith was amazed! It smells great and not to mentioned helped my own nails when putting cream on my horse....I am not kidding this product works!..
<br> now a few things that are a bummer I cant find in stores and it is a little pricey but the cream goes a long way as all you need is a qtr size drop...being in florida the cream does not hold well and need to put in refrigerator other than that I LOVE THIS PRODUCT and so does my horses hooves!



I have a horse that could not hold a shoe. His feet would peel, chip and crumble and every time the shoe came off he lost more hoof and had more huge nail holes. I tried everything my farrier and vet suggested. We fed him all the hoof healthy supplements. He is a terrific jumper but if he even touched a pole the shoe would fly off. Six months ago my vet told me about Regen-x eq. Well now he has strong healthy hooves and he keeps his shoes on between 6-8 week farrier trims and he is a winner in the ring! This product is Amazing!

Favorite hoof Cream


This is my favorite hoof oil to use when I feel like my horse isn't growing enough hoof. The results are outstanding and after continued use I can notice a huge difference in my horses hooves. I've suggested this to friends and we can all agree this product works!