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Cavalor Resist + Vit C gives your horse an immune boost in an easy-to-feed powdered supplement. Stress from travel and competition compromises the immune system, increasing your horse’s risk of illness and infection. This nutritional supplement combines high amounts of Vitamin C with fatty acids, herbs, and amino acids to support your horse’s natural immune responses and help prevent them from getting sick. 


  • Supports overall horse health and immunity
  • Helps prevent illness and infection
  • Fights stress-related immune deficiencies
  • Perfect for horses regularly traveling and being exposed to horses from other barns
  • Isolated whey protein stimulates immune system


Mix in with daily grain meals for at least 4 weeks, with peak effect being observed at 10-12 days. Dosage recommendations range from 25 grams per day for ponies to 100 grams per day for young horses. Maximum dosage is 400 grams per day. See “Notes” tab for Cavalor's Ration Calculator to determine the right amount for your particular horse.

For best results, Cavalor recommends combining Cavalor Resist + vit C with Cavalor OilMega. Shop OilMega here!


FarmVet Tip:
Cavalor has a handy ration calculator on their site that will give you precise dosing for their product based on your horse’s weight! 
View the Calculator Here!


Includes, but is not limited to: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Phosphorus, Calcium, Copper, Selenium, isolated whey protein, natural herbs

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6 reviews