RevitaVet IR2 Complete

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The RevitaVet IR2 Complete from RevitaVet Therapy Systems is a wearable laser system for your horse, offering the same technology as the RevitaVet IR2 but with additional attachments to treat larger areas. The light therapy offered by this system is red light and infrared at 650nm and 880nm, respectively, making this a class 2 laser. Most lasers are handheld and must be pointed at the area, making them difficult to use. This wearable option takes the guessing away and allows you to put pads on the whole area you'd like to affect, and offers you a hands-free session so that you can focus on other aspects of your horse while during the therapy. Light therapy with infrared diodes offers multiple therapeutic benefits by stimulating the release of nitric oxide in the body. This sets off a chain reaction at the cellular level that promotes an anti-inflammatory response from the body, increased oxygenation, pain relief, and cellular regeneration. Light therapy also complements other therapy modalities, such as PEMF. Your IR2 will cycle through 7 different frequencies or can be set in 5-minute increments, allowing you to customize therapy sessions based on your horse's needs. Use the IR2 by itself, in conjunction with other therapy modalities, or in between stronger laser sessions from your veterinarian. 


  • Wearable, class 2 laser light therapy fo your horse
  • Same technology as RevitaVet IR2, with additional attachments for increased treatment areas
  • Increases Nitric Oxide in the body, promoting cellular changes 
  • Anti-inflammatory, reduces pain, increases localized oxygenation, promotes tissue regeneration
  • Hands-free sessions allow you to focus on other aspects of your horse during therapy 


Most lasers have to be held during therapy sessions, but this wearable unit is easy to use. The controller hangs from a custom-made bag around your horse's body and can be moved backward or forward depending on which area of your horse you are treating. Velcro straps secure the smaller pads to lower limbs and hocks. A surcingle is included to hold the back pad into place on your horse's body, or it can be affixed or held onto other treatment areas as needed. 

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