Schimmel Brush

$9.95 $15.95

The Schimmel Brush by Haas is ideal for getting stubborn dirt off your horse's beautiful white coat. Designed with coconut bristles and a dense shatter-resistant body, this brush will stand the test of time.

In true Hass style this brush doesn't use glue to incorporate the bristles giving it a more sturdy brush allowing you to get those tough dirt particles and leave your horse show ready. 


  • Machine Washable
  • Unbeatable Retention of Bristles
  • Water Resistant
  • Coconut fiber bristles
  • Shatter resistant body
  • Exclusively designed for light colored horses 
  • Made in Germany

$9.95 $15.95
Brush in a short flicking motion. 
FarmVet Tip:

This is a great stiff brush! The bristles are stiff enough to get dirt out while leaving a nice shine. 

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