Shed Control Shampoo


Shed Control Shampoo from Earthbath blends antioxidants and skin moisturizers to help control and even eliminate your dogs excessive shedding. 

A mixture of shea butter, omega 6 fatty acids, green tea, ginseng and more help to detoxify your dogs skin all while helping control the shedding.

  • Skin moisturizers help nourish skin & reduce shedding
  • Detoxifies skin and controls dander and shedding
  • Naturally pH-balanced soap-free shampoo
  • Wonderful Green Tea scent
Purified water, shea buttr, omega-6 fatty acids, aloe vera, panthenol, D-biotin, phytic acid, green tea leaf, ginseng & awapuhi, allantoin, renewable plant-derived & coconut-based cleansers and preservative. 
Intended for use on dogs over 6 weeks old. Keep away from eyes and mouth.

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