ShouldersBack Lite

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The ShouldersBack Lite from EquiFit provides the same great benefits as the original with a lightweight fabric that’s perfect for warm weather wear. Developed by orthopedic specialists, the ShouldersBack works to gradually improve your posture over time in a comfortable, un-restricting way. The vest-like garment gently pulls the shoulders together and supports the back, and can be adjusted for increased or decreased tension and corrective force. Perfect for improving posture while riding or in everyday activities, and discreet enough to be comfortably worn under clothes. This product is designed for both men and women, and comes in three colors to best suit your wardrobe.


  • Developed by a top orthopedic team
  • Gradually helps develop good posture
  • Allows freedom to ride and continue normally through your day
  • Velcro straps for customized fit
  • Recommended to be worn over a thin layer of clothes for maximum comfort 


Sizing Guide: 
Small: Up to 24″ Chest
Medium: 24"-38″ Chest
Large: 38"-50″ Chest


Since the ShouldersBack will alter your position, start slowly by wearing for only short amounts of time at first and working up to longer periods of use. 

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