EquiFit ShouldersBack Lite


The EquiFit ShouldersBack Lite is a summer weight version of the original ShouldersBack. Developed by a leading orthopedic team to help rider’s improve posture, ShouldersBack™ is also worn by professional athletes, dancers, chiropractors, dental hygienists, actors and models. With consistent use ShouldersBack helps retrain your mind and muscles to stay in a correct, upright position. ShouldersBack™ is comfortable, breathable and does not restrict nor hinder your movement. 

Because ShouldersBack™ does alter your positioning, we recommend beginning slowly and listening to your body. Slip it on for just one hour a day and, if it feels good to you, gradually increase the time to your comfort level. 

ShouldersBack is great for both men and women.


Developed by top orthopedic team

 Gradually develops good posture

• Allows freedom to ride and continue normally through your day

• Recommended to be worn over a thin layer of clothes for maximum comfort 

Color: White, Black, Beige

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Size: Small, up to 24″ chest, Medium, up to 38″ chest, Large, up to 50″ chest

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