Simplifly Feed Thru

$26.49 to $227.59

Simplifly Feed-Thru Fly Control, made by Farnam, is a supplement that prevents the development of stable and house flies in the manure of horses who consume Simplifly. This palatable additive works by preventing the fly larvae exoskeleton formation which results in larvae death and breaks the fly life cycle.  Simplifly is a reduced risk pestiticide and does not contain organophosphates.


Eliminates flies by breaking their life cycle

• Top dressing for grain

• Prevents development of house and stable flies

• Start feeding in spring before flies appear and continue until start of cold weather

$26.49 to $227.59

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300-500 lb. horse, pony or miniature horse: feed 2/5 oz. per day.

500-700 lb. horse or pony: feed 3/5 oz. per day.

700-900 lb. horse: feed 4/5 oz. per day.

900-1100 lb. horse: feed 1 oz. per day.

1100-1300 lb. horse: feed 1 1/5 oz. per day.

For horses over 1300 lb. or draft horses: feed an additional 1/5 oz. for each additional 200 lbs. of body weight. Not for use in pregnant mares or stallions.

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