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SoZen is a calming supplement that is useful for horses that are constantly battling tension and nervousness in their daily lives. Cavalor SoZen that works to control cortisol levels in horses. When horses are constantly stressed the body creates an abundance of adrenaline and typically not enough cortisol to balance out the hormone levels in the horse.  SoZen is very useful for competition horses that have a hard time focusing on their work.


• Calming supplement

• Great for distracted horses

• Loading dose accompanied by doses given when in stressful situations

• Controls cortisol levels 

• Show safe

• Natural ingredients

$77.99 to $204.99

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Start: 10 days 30g/1.0 oz day (4 scoops). Maintenance: 15g/0.5 oz day (2 scoops). Before competition: start 3 days before competition and adjust to need.Maximum dosage per day is 60grams.


If the ideal result is not found it is also advisable to use Cavalor Take It Easy paste in conjunction with SoZen.

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Without Cavalor Calm and Cavalor Sozen, I would be unable to get my horses soft and slow enough without exhausting their legs. Instead of having to "ride them down" they can concentrate on their job. I have tried all other calming products on the market and none of them show results like Cavalor Calm and Cavalor Sozen.