Magnetic Leg Wraps

Sport Innovations
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The Sport Innovations Pulsating Magnetic Leg Wraps are designed to help treat leg injuries. The wireless design integrates computer and battery directly onto the leg wrap, so no wires or wither pack needed! 

These leg wraps combine magnetic (PEMF) therapy to optimize circulation. When in contact with the blood supply, the boot causes an increase in blood flow and helps to strengthen the arteries. They are versatile and can be used on front or hind legs and are lightweight so your horse can move around safely in the cross ties. 


  • Versatile use on front & hind legs
  • Lightweight system
  • Direct coverage
  • More coils than Impulse Line
  • Handmade in Germany
Sold and rented as a pair. Option for one computer for two wraps or two computers for two wraps- prices shown based on two computers for two wraps. 


Therapy Return Policy:

Due to the sophisticated nature of our Therapy Products, returns, repairs, and warranty questions are processed directly through the manufacturer. Contact information is available on the company’s website. If you’d like help finding contact information, or need additional support from FarmVet, please reach out to us at

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