Magnetic Leg Wraps

Sport Innovations
$240.00 to $2,650.00

The Sport Innovations Pulsating Magnetic Leg Wraps are designed to help treat leg injuries. The wireless design integrates computer and battery directly onto the leg wrap, so no wires or wither pack needed! 

These leg wraps combine magnetic (PEMF) therapy to optimize circulation. When in contact with the blood supply, the boot causes an increase in blood flow and helps to strengthen the arteries. They are versatile and can be used on front or hind legs and are lightweight so your horse can move around safely in the cross ties. 

Special Orders, such as Therapy Products, require additional information. Due to the more detailed process we require all Therapy Equipment orders be placed by phone at 1-888-837-3626 or by email at

$240.00 to $2,650.00

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