Sportz-Vibe Massage Therapy Blanket

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Sportz-Vibe is an ideal way to warm up your horse's muscles before an event or to soothe sore muscles after competition. It does not over-work your horse's muscles but rather effectively reduces muscle tension to the specific area in need. 

Special Orders, such as Therapy Products, require additional information. Due to the more detailed process we require all Therapy Equipment orders be placed by phone at 1-888-837-3626 or by email at


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Sizing Guide:

Small: 63″-69″

Medium: 72″-78″

Large: 81″-87″

How to fit your blanket: 

Using a soft measuring tape, measure from the center point of the chest, across the point of shoulder, and end at the center of the tail. This measurement should be taken in inches. When you have that measurement, remove 4 inches and that is your horse's blanket size.  

Every horse is a different shape, so bear in mind that they may go up or down a size according to the fit and cut of the blanket.

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