Sportz-Vibe Dog Blanket

Horseware Ireland
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$199.95 to $240

The Sportz-Vibe Dog Massage Blanket is currently on Manufacturer Back Order. We are currently not accepting backorders until stock is replenished. If you have questions or concerns please email us at


The Sportz-Vibe Dog Massage Blanket from Horseware Ireland helps ease soreness and stiffness after long work-outs. It is also great for warming up the muscles of high performance dogs before an event. This blanket stimulates the lymphatic system and increases circulation in your dog's back and hips, in turn reducing and removing toxins. You aren't the only one who gets sore after a hard workout, so if your dog accompanied you for that long hike or jog, he might be sore too! 


  • Relaxes tense muscles
  • Helps reduce inflammation
  • Improves the overall quality of life of your pet
  • Helps increase the blood supply to tissue
  • Reduces pain, especially in the back and hip area


Therapy Return Policy:

Due to the sophisticated nature of our Therapy Products, returns, repairs, and warranty questions are processed directly through the manufacturer. Contact information is available on the company’s website. If you’d like help finding contact information, or need additional support from FarmVet, please reach out to us at

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Great for arthritis too!


My dog has severe arthritis in his shoulders, spine, and hips. He is in physical therapy, receiving laser treatments, doing hydrotherapy, and exercising at home. I am supposed to massage him at least three times a day for 10-15 minutes. This blanket has really helped us because I throw it on him, it wears like a jacket and it aligns perfectly with his spine and the massage turns off after 10 minutes. With the arthritis, I’m never sure about pressure or exactly where to go, but he seems so comfortable in this. It has been a huge help. Thank you!