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SUCCEED is a horse supplement that provides a digestive conditioning program for natural support to the total health of the entire equine GI tract.  The vital ingredients support and increase healthy cells and muscles that enhance your horse’s performance and overall well-being.


Once a day, every day – SUCCEED is a long-term solution that improves digestion and hind gut quality through; regulating nutrient absorption, increasing immune system functions, regulating the amount of food passed through the digestive tract and increases cell reproduction for tissue growth and healing. SUCCEED’s natural ingredients are show safe and do not test. It is appealing to horses –has a natural oat flavor that horses love.


Select “30 tube” from the dropdown menu. You will receive 30 syringes.

Select “30 day”, “60 day” or “180 day” from the dropdown menu to receive a bucket.
Please note that “30 day” is for the GRANULES; NOT PASTE. If you would like a 30-day supply of paste, select “30 tube.” 


SUCCEED has been formulated for a typical 1200 lb. adult horse. Feed twice daily for the first week to 10 days. After loading dose, feed one scoop in feed once every day.


Oat Oil- Rich in polar lipids
   • Strengthen intestinal cells responsible for nutrient absorption
Oat Flour- rich in Beta Glucan  
   • Supports healthy immune system      
   • Regulates the amount of food passed through the digestive tract
Yeast Products- Rich in Mannan Oligosaccharide (MOS)  
   • Supports healthy hindgut and natural immunity  
   • Increases cell reproduction for tissue growth and healing

Glutamine- Provides fuel to muscles

Threonine- Supports the production of mucin for the intestinal tract

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