T-Boot RSL Hind Boots


T-Boot RSL Hind Boots utilize EquiFit’s unique design and innovative technology to encourage improved hind end action from your horse. Removable “pressure points” allow you to adjust these boots to each horse’s individual needs, while the T-Foam liner provides shock absorption and conforms to the shape of the leg. Perfect for horses that need help completing their jump with their hind end.


Attribute black

Sizing Guide:

Small: Large Pony (14.0-14.3hh) - 10.5-11.25” Circumference

Medium: Small Horse (15.0-15.3hh) - 11.25-12” Circumference

Large: Standard Horse (16.0-16.3hh) - 12-13” Circumference

X-Large: Oversize Horse (17hh+) - 13-14” Circumference

How to fit your EquiFit boots: 

For a more accurate fit, measure the circumference of your horse's ankle using a soft measuring tape. In order for EquiFit boots to work properly, they must fit very securely. More contact with the horse’s leg means more support and protection.

FarmVet Tip:

T-Foam will become firm in cold weather, making it difficult to strap them around your horse's legs. Store these boots in a climate-controlled room or hold them against your horse's body for a short amount of time to let them soften up and you're ready to go!

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