T-Boot RSL Hind


Currently the only boot featuring removable 'pressure points' to adjust to each horse's needs, the RSL Hind Boot aids in creating a more animated canter, and helps the horse follow through with the hind legs while jumping. Tidy and ubobtrusive, the clean lines and classic EquiFit design of the boot coordinate seamlessly with the rest of the T-Boot Series.

Five reasons to use T-Foam: 

  1. Eliminates pressure points - Evenly distributes pressure and provides firm and stable support. 
  2. Absorbs shock and vibration - T-Foam becomes firmer when subject to sudden impact. Absorbs up to 90% of impact shocks and vibration. 
  3. Complete recovery - After conforming to an impression, T-Foam returns to its original form. The same support and 100% recovery continue even after prolonged use. 
  4. Air-cooled comfort - Open-cell structure lets air circulate freely through the material to help prevent heat and perspiration build-up. 
  5. Fire retardant T-Foam exceeds the Federal Aviation Administration’s most stringent federal fire retardancy specification.


Attribute black

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