XCEL Hind Boot


XCEL Hind Boots from EquiFit promote superior hind end movement over the jump. Perfect for horses who tend to pull rails or get sloppy behind, these boots apply pressure to your horse's legs to encourage them to finish their jump with their hind end. Lightweight T-Foam liners conform to the shape of the leg for a customized fit while also improving airflow and absorbing shock. Optional weighted liners can be purchased to combine weight and pressure for a thorough training aid. Sold as a pair.


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FarmVet Tip:

T-Foam will become firm in cold weather, making it difficult to strap these boots around your horse's legs. Store them in a climate-controlled room or hold them against your horse's body for a short amount of time to let them soften up and you're ready to go!
Check the rules and regulations regarding the use of weighted/pressure boots in competition with your respective governing body.

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