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The NibbleNet by Thin Air Canvas Inc. is a slow-feeding hay net that allows your horse to “graze” on hay, a more natural process that is easier on the digestive system. Horses’ digestive systems work best when they continuously eat small amounts of hay or other roughage. The NibbleNet slows down their hay consumption so they can munch all day long, rather than eating their full portion immediately after feeding time. Keeping the hay contained and off the ground also reduces waste and makes mucking easier by preventing the horse from spreading hay all over the stall. 

Made with a heavy duty vinyl material, the NibbleNet resists tears, punctures, UV rays, rain, and cold weather for a year round hay solution. 


  • Heavy duty vinyl construction
  • Slows down hay consumption for better digestion and boredom prevention
  • Reduces hay waste and makes cleaning stalls easier
  • Resists tears, punctures, UV damage, inclement weather, cold temperatures, rot, and mildew
  • Webbing on the bottom of the bag allows dust and water to drain from the hay
  • Two sets of D-rings on the top with a strap to easily hang


To clean your NibbleNet, remove all hay from the bag and soak the entire bag in a bucket of soapy water for at least an hour. Scrub with a brush to remove dirt, hair, and pay, with special attention to the webbing. Rinse thoroughly and hang dry.


Hang in an area free of sharp objects or abrasive surfaces in order to keep your bag working for as long as possible. Hang high enough that your horse cannot get his leg stuck in the hanging straps. 

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