Tidy Duty


Loose stool can be caused by numerous things such as travel, food changes or an imbalance of the GI tract. Tidy Duty from Ramard helps regulate the digestive system naturally while providing fiber, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and trace elements.

Help eliminate the discomfort your dog is feeling, while also making clean-up easier when accidents may occur. 


Size 30 ct

BioflavEx, Nucleoforce, DL-methionine, Pumpkin Powder, Sodium Bicarbonate & Brewers Yeast
Puppies (under 8 weeks) - 1/2 tablet daily

0-50 lbs - 1 tablet daily

51-100 - 2 tablets daily

*Or as directed by your veterinarian 
Tidy Duty is a natural supplement to help digestion issues in dogs. Persistent diarrhea in dogs can be a sign of a worse condition. If loose stool continues after a week, stop use and seek medical attention from your veterinarian. 

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