Total Gut Health

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Ramard Total Gut Health is a comprehensive supplement to support your horse’s overall GI health. Unlike some products that target specific segments, Total Gut Health addresses problems over the entire digestive tract and helps alleviate the causes of stomach and intestinal discomfort. Ramard’s proprietary ingredients Bioflavex, Nucleoforce, and Beta Glucan help normalize stomach pH, increase absorption, and support beneficial microflora populations. 

This supplement is available in a powdered form for long term, every day use, and also as a paste for additional boosts of GI support when your horse needs it most, such as during travel or competition. The powder and paste are designed to complement each other, so they are safe to use concurrently.



  • Comprehensive supplement addresses the entire digestive system
  • Supports GI health and function
  • Helps normalize stomach pH
  • Promotes beneficial intestinal bacterial populations 
  • Can help prevent colic and address the causes of impaction or sand colic
  • Available as a powder or paste


Powder: Mix in with daily grain meals for as long as supplementation is needed. Dosage recommendation is 1 scoop (0.6 oz) per day, and may be increased to 2 scoops (1.2 oz) per day if needed. 

Paste: Administer 1 hour prior to hauling, competition, or other situations where extra gastrointestinal support is needed. Dosage recommendation is 1 syringe as symptoms occur, and may be increased to 2 tubes in particularly high stress situations.


Consult a veterinarian before beginning treatment or increasing your horse’s dosage.


Active Ingredients: Nucleoforce, BioFlavex, Glutamine, Psyllium, Magnesium, Bromelain, Beta Glucan, Zinc, Vitamin E

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