TruCare EQ for Horses

TruCare Minerals

TruCare EQ is a mineral supplement for horses that provides a wide variety of trace minerals and nutrients vital for equine health. An organic blend of essential minerals, TruCare seeks to contribute to a well-balanced diet for optimal overall health and wellbeing. TrueCare EQ provides zinc, manganese, copper, and cobalt, amongst others, as well as methionine and lysine. Designed to maximize bioavailability - the degree to which your horse absorbs the minerals - TruCare EQ provides an array of benefits to your horse. It promotes skin and hoof health, coat and mane quality, wound healing, bone and joint health, reproductive health, and digestive support.


Size 35 oz

TruCare EQ is a trace mineral supplement for horses. Made with Zinpro® Performance Minerals, a metal amino acid complex, for overall horse health.

  • Organic
  • Provides essential minerals
  • Easy to give
  • Guaranteed analysis
Methionine - 3.4%
Lysine - 1.5%
Zinc - 1.09%
Manganese - 0.6%
Copper - 0.38%
Cobalt - 0.07%
Give two scoops (provided) per horse per day
FarmVet Tip:
The easiest way to give a powder like this is to sprinkle the supplement over your horse’s favorite feed. 
Contains copper - do not give to sheep

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