Uncle Jimmy's Hanging Ball

$22.95 to $25.95

Uncle Jimmy’s Hanging Ball helps keep your horse busy by eliminating stall boredom! Not only is it made out of sweet feed that has been specifically designed to stick together to last a long time. This great tasting ball will entertain your horse for hours and is available in Apple, carrot, molasses, peppermint, and sugar free. To make this product last longer, hang the ball so that your horse cannot pin it against the wall.  


• Keeps your horse busy to relieve stall boredom 

• Provides your horse with essential vitamins and minerals  

• Made from all-natural, high quality ingredients

$22.95 to $25.95

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Directions for use: Hang the ball above eye level and in a location that does not allow the horse to pin it against the wall.
FarmVet Tip: I hang my kiddo's hanging ball from the smack dab middle of the stall so that it lasts for a long time. If I put it too close to one of the corners, he is able to push it against the wall and the ball is devoured within hours! - FarmVet Rider Molly

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The best boredom breaker for my ponies!


We love these! I have a barn full of ponies that get a little naughty if they don't get ridden on a daily basis. When the weather gets iffy, we put up these hanging balls in everyone's stalls and it keeps them (and me) sane! They are a little hard to get hung, but we put a long rope with a double ended snap so we could easily attach the hanging ball to it. Makes it easier to swap them out.