VetBlue PVA Foam Wound Dressing

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VetBlue PVA Foam Wound Dressing is a non-toxic antibacterial wound dressing you can use on wound beds on horses and dogs to promote a healing environment. This foam's highly efficient wicking properties will help you manage wounds with high exudates, absorbing secretion but maintaining the moist environment and conditions necessary for wound healing. It has naturally negative pressure, drawing harmful contaminants out of your wound and pulling healing agents from within your animal to the surface layer. The foam dressing disrupts any established biofilms that negatively impact the wound site, and it aids in the suppression of proud flesh, allowing the healing wound to close correctly with less scarring.

Never guess when this dressing needs to be changed. The natural bioburden indicator means the purplish, blue foam will bleach out to white. When the bleach out occurs, it's time to change the dressing. Better wound management starts with the right products; ease your mind and incorporate VetBlue PVA Foam Wound Dressing into your first aid kit. 

FarmVet Tip: VetBlue PVA Foam Wound Dressing works best when used with other bandaging products. Shop some of those options HERE!


  • Non-toxic, antibacterial, foam wound dressing
  • Will wick secretion without stripping moisture from the wound, promoting conditions necessary for healing
  • Draws contaminants out and disrupts established biofilms on wounds
  • Suppresses proud flesh
  • Changes color from purplish blue to white when its time to change

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