Vetericyn Hydrogel


The Vetericyn Hydrogel topical spray helps heal severe wounds and infections. This hydrogel spray has a thick consistency allowing it to really stick to the wound making it ideal for bandages or difficult to reach areas.


• Useful on most farm animals

• No sting formula

• Great for wound treatment

• Useful on post surgical sites

• 16 oz. spray bottle


Size 16 oz

Indications: Rainrot, Cinch fungus, rashes, Ring worm, post-surgical sites, umbilical post, burns, Strangles, eye and ear infections, scratches and skin infections. Safely disinfects tack and wraps, Dryland Distemper/Pigeon Fever. Unlike traditional antiseptics and topical antibiotics, it does not damage healthy tissue. Finally, Vetericyn tests free on competition horses as it contains no banned substances.

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