Veterinary Liniment Gel

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Absorbine’s Veterinary Liniment Gel utilizes the same soothing action of their veterinary liniment into a easy-to-use gel. This gel is less messy than a liniment, but contains the same potency and pain relief power. Warming action helps soothe tired and sore muscles, as well as joints afflicted with minor arthritis pain. Natural botanical extracts help reduce swelling and speed up natural recovery. A pleasant spearmint scent and powerful targeted action make the Veterinary Liniment Gel a strong alternative to the classic liniment.


  • Made with natural, herbal ingredients 
  • Relieves muscle and joint pain 
  • Easily applied gel formulation 
  • Reduces swelling and loosens tight joints 


Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes or other mucosal membranes. Do not apply to irritated skin - if irritation occurs at site of use, consult a veterinarian. 


Active Ingredient:  
Natural Menthol - 4% 

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5 reviews