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Cavalor Vitaflora helps support healthy populations of “good” bacteria in your horse’s intestinal tract, promoting digestion and overall hindgut health. Antibiotic treatments can damage the natural hindgut flora populations, so Vitaflora provides live yeast cultures and prebiotics to help recover after a course of treatment. This nutritional supplement helps balance nutrient absorption and can help improve young horses’ growth and encourage weight gain in hard keepers or underweight horses.


  • Live yeast cultures help regulate and support hindgut health
  • Helps improve digestion of fiber and Vitamin B production
  • Prebiotics provide nutritional support for beneficial intestinal flora
  • Can be used following a course of antibiotics, or for hard keepers and horses needing to gain weight
  • Helps normalize intestinal pH


Mix in with daily grain meals for at least 4 weeks, with best results coming with continuous use. Dosage recommendations range from 15 grams per day for foals to 40 grams per day for lactating and gestating mares. Maximum dosage is 100 grams per day. 

See “Notes” tab for Cavalor's Ration Calculator to determine the right amount for your particular horse.


FarmVet Tip:
Cavalor has a handy ration calculator on their site that will give you precise dosing for their product based on your horse’s weight! 
View the Calculator Here!


Includes, but is not limited to: Live yeast cultures, inulin, Bio-Mos

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