Wound Kote


The Wound Kote spray by Farnam helps treat superficial wounds, small cuts, or skin abrasions and aids in scab formation and protects against skin infection on horses. The spray coats the wound, disinfects it, and is not easily removed during the horse's day-to-day routine. A great formula to promote quick skin recovery in horses. 


Size 5 oz

  • Heals and treats superficial wounds, small cuts, and skin abrasions
  • Promotes skin healing and prevents skin infection 
  • Difficult for the horse to rub off throughout the day 
Isopropyl Alcohol 48%, Acriflavin .04%, Methyl Violet, Technical Furfural, Sodium Proponiate, Urea, Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, propellents
Make sure the affected skin is clean and dry before using Wound Kote. Shake well before use. Remove cap. Spray from a distance of about 2-4 inches away. Press the stem down to release the spray. 
Extremely flammable. Do not expose to heat and avoid extended exposure to sunlight. 

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