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Cuppra from Horse First is a chelated copper top-dressing supplement that offers a multitude of health benefits for your horse such as, aiding in iron absorption, bone development, coat health, and conditioning. This supplement can also be used to support broodmares during pregnancy and for horses who need hoof growth. Chestnut horses can especially benefit from this supplement, watch their lackluster, light-toned coats turn deeper and richer in color due to the health benefits they receive from Cuppra. 


  • Vital for the absorption of iron 
  • Aids in healthy pregnancies in broodmares
  • Aids in healthy hoof growth 
  • Aids in healthy development of bones, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments  


Directions for use: Administer 30ml to the feed daily. Can also be added to drinking water for horses on grass. For optimal results, feed for 30 days twice per year.


FarmVet Tip: 
My horse had developed a dull coat that had a reddish tinge (which was strange because he was turned out at night and had zero chance for sun bleaching). Another gal in the office recommended Cuppra and I figured it certainly can’t hurt to try! All in all, I was really pleased with the results and it was a great product for the price. It gave us the “bump” we needed to get back into a healthy state and we have since added Cavalor OilMegal to the daily program as a filler between our twice yearly Cuppra administration to continue supporting his overall health. - FarmVet Ride Ariel


Active Ingredients: Contains per 30ml:
Elemental Copper……...180 mg

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