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MAGVET ® is a natural magnesium equine supplement. This unique product, without doping the animal, will biologically, naturally, and safely calm the animal and keep its metabolism in equilibrium. MAGVET®, when added to the horse's diet, will calm the animal, improve performance and prevent excessive stress. MAGVET® is race and show legal. Improvement of performance is attributable to its the particular composition which plays and important role in protein synthesis. 

Magnesium, a mineral substance required for all energy consuming processes in the body can easily penetrate into the cells, in the MAGVET formulation. Its effectiveness is mainly due to the special type of Magnesium compound improving cellular metabolism. Horses fed MAGVET show more willingness to work and are more relaxed. Due to the purely physiologic base of its composition MAGVET is neither a drug nor is it doping.


Size 28 oz

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