Perfequin (formerly Perfegesic)

Morgenstern & Assoc
$42.00 to $299.00

Perfequin is your performance support supplement that will help maintain your horse's soundness under stressful performance conditions and everyday training. 

Perfequin's ingredients are slow acting and build up in the system with maximum benefits within 72-96 hours. For horses that need continued support, Perfequin powder can be fed daily. The formula is gastro-friendly, so you can feel comfortable adding it to your horse's diet! For folks with picky eaters, give the Perfequin Pre-Event Paste a try. 

May be used alongside NSAIDS. Contains no prohibited substances!

$42.00 to $299.00

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Directions for use: 

Loading dose: Load for a minimum of 3 days with 1 scoop AM and 1 scoop PM. Reduce to 1 scoop per day according to condition. 

Maintenance dose: 1 scoop per day per 1000 lbs

(1 scoop equals 15 grams)
FarmVet Tip: We all have at least one of the PerfectProducts in our tack trunks at all times! - FarmVet Rider Trisha

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Horses race and train well on it


My horses train and race better on Perfequin. They seem to be more sound when they come out and definitely run better. Give it a try. I recommend it