Fleece and Gel Bandages

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The Acavallo Fleece and Gel Bandages give impeccable tendon support for horses. These polo wraps provide maximum shock absorption and can be used for all disciplines. The therapeutic gel ensures the equine bandage fits perfectly to the leg with out slippage. The gel is bonded for seam free comfort. The Acavallo Fleece and Gel Bandages are great for protecting micro traumas, and old injuries to your horse's legs. The support polo bandages can be washed by hand or in a machine at a low temperature. 


The Acavallo Fleece and Gel Bandages combine the classic fleece from a polo as well as an gel liner that ensures maximum support for your horses tendons and joints.

  • Supportive to tendon and joints
  • Safe, easy and wrinkle free
  • Bandages do not slip
  • Great for protecting old injuries
  • Bandages can be used for cold therapy by putting the gel bandage in the freezer
  • Can be used for all disciplines
  • Can be hand washed or machine washed on low
  • Can be used on front and hind legs


Make sure that the horses leg is clean of debris before wrapping. Place the end of the polo wrap in the middle of the cannon bone on the inside of the horses leg. Wrap in a counterclockwise direction on the left legs and a clockwise direction on the right legs.


FarmVet Tip:
Throw the gel polo wraps in the freezer for an easy way to do cold therapy and give maximum tendon support!


Hand wash or machine wash on low. 

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