Argan Oil Shampoo

E3 (Elite Equine Evolution)
$14.99 to $31.99

The Argan Oil Shampoo from E3 was specifically created for horses and dogs to help give their coat a luxuriously soft coat. Argan oil provides superior moisture and superior shine. Deep cleaning formula for dirt and oil build up while added moisture and shine.

$14.99 to $31.99

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  • Fortified with NanoEncapsulated multi-vitamins A, C, E & F
  • Argan oil is a naturally made oil with fantastic moisturizing capabilities
  • Deeply cleans skin and coat without drying 
  • Adds necessary moisture back to dry coats
  • Creates a brilliant shine for all coat types
Argan Oil, NanoEncapsulated
Using plenty of water, apply formula generously and rub into the coat until it begins to lather. Wait 5-10 minutes before rinsing for best results.
About the Ingredients:

NanoEncapsulated - is a method used to control delivery of a substance. This allows for better absorption, penetration, and diffusion of the vitamins, which helps prevent inflammation and aids in the healing process.

Argan Oil - is derived from the kernels of the Argan tree that is native to Morocco. It is used for its natural moisturizing capabilities.

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