Black-As-Knight Show Formula

Cheval International
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Cheval International's Black-As-Knight Show Formula is the same great coat-enhancing supplement you love, but without paprika and therefore safe to use at competitions. This nutritional supplement helps enhance dark-colored horses’ coats and prevent the dull, bleached-out look that can develop from sun exposure or fresh body clips. A unique blend of oils, seaweed, and spices, this supplement gives your horse a healthy glow and rich dark color. Great for black, bay, and other dark-colored horses.


  • Enhances the coat color of dark horses
  • Helps fight fading and bleaching-out during the summer when horses are at risk for sun damage
  • Fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals add a healthy shine to the coat
  • Supports hoof, joint, and mane and tail health as well
  • Replaces paprika with other show-safe coat enhancing ingredients
  • This version of Black-As-Knight WILL NOT show up in drug tests at licensed competitions


Mix in with horse’s daily grain meals. Dosage recommendation is 2-6 teaspoons per day, with double or triple dosages recommended for larger horses or during hot summer months.


Cheval International Show-Safe Statement:

“Please be aware (and tell all your fellow competitors) that CAPSAICIN is a banned substance. Capsaicin is a component of chili peppers and trace amounts are often found in many of the different varieties of paprika. Capsaicin is strictly banned at horse shows because it has been used as a stimulant, masking substance for other drugs, and as a pain killer. It is often topically applied as an ointment to the front legs of horses for one of these purposes; hence, it has raised concerns of horse show drug testing authorities. NO SHOW HORSE SHOULD BE GIVEN PAPRIKA without consulting show authorities, veterinarians, and coaches. Because of this concern, in 2006 Cheval invented SHOW HORSE FORMULAS of all of its Coat Enhancers and has actively tried to educate the horse world about this issue for the past decade. CHEVAL’S SHOW HORSE formulas are “paprika free”, yet still contain the other 18 amazing ingredients that act synergistically to give your show horses naturally healthy, glowing, rich shiny coats. If your horse is going to be shown, consider putting him on our SHOW HORSE FORMULA at least two weeks prior to showing. Or, if you show regularly, your horse will shine with health from being on SHOW HORSE FORMULA COAT ENHANCERS all year round.”

Black-As-Knight Show Formula WILL NOT show up in drug tests and is safe to use at competitions.

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