Bute-Less Solution

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Absorbine’s Bute-Less Solution is a natural alternative to pharmaceutical anti-inflammatories for horses with arthritis or overall soreness. Fortified with devil’s claw, yucca, and vitamin B-12, Bute-Less solution works to relieve the pain associated with those conditions without requiring a prescription. Bute-Less Solution is easy on the stomach and perfect for horses who do not tolerate NSAIDS well but still need help with inflammation associated with arthritis.

$22.00 to $64.95

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Give one ounce per day by mouth per 1000lbs
FarmVet Tip: 

Bute-Less Solution comes in two sizes. Talk to your sales representative about which would be the most cost-efficient for you!
Should not to be used in pregnant mares. Should not be used in horses with ulcers or horses taking NSAIDs.

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