Peak Performance

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Cavalor Peak Performance is a supplement specially formulated for performance horses. This blend of essential oils and herbs improves the functioning of the lymphatic system for better blood circulation and a stronger immune system. The improved blood flow allows for more efficient oxygen transport and toxin removal, giving your horse more endurance and energy with a faster recovery. While many supplements focus on either oxygen transport or toxin removal, Peak Performance is an innovative supplement that improves both systems. This supplement will keep your horse in top shape and ready to perform.


  • Contains all-natural herbs and essential oils
  • Improves circulation and oxygen transport
  • Increases endurance
  • Supports the lymphatic system
  • Improves toxin removal for faster recover
  • Specially formulated for performance horses


Ponies: 10 ml
High-performance horses: 20 ml
Maximum dose: 40 ml

Shake well before use. Add to your horse's feed as a daily topper.

How quickly you see results can vary based on your horse's starting condition. Horses already in good condition will show improvements in endurance and recovery after just 7 days. For horses that need improvements in general physical condition, administer Peak Performance for at least 3 weeks before judging results.

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