Centurion Systems
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Say goodbye to wires and treat the whole body at once with the battery operated Centurion Therapulse system.

The Centurion Therapulse is a battery operated magnetic blanket unit which contains 10 coils and can be used to treat all of the body at the same time. The blanket is constructed of heavy cotton twill for standing up to lots of wear and tear. A very popular model because of its ease of use and no wires into the stalls. A power supply nearby is not necessary. 


  • Frequency: 2, 15, 30 Hz. 
  • Timer: 30 Minutes 
  • Unit weight: 8 Kg. (17.6 lb.) 
  • Unit Dimensions: 198cm (78″) x 360cm (42″)

All Centurion Systems can be bought or leased for a minimum of three months. 


Three settings to help bring an area through the healing process. 
1) Low - 2 Hz. - Pain & Inflammation 
2) Medium - 15 Hz. - Stimulation 
3) High - 30 Hz. - Increase Circulation.

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