Advanced Cetyl-M Joint Action Formula for Dogs

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Advanced Cetyl-M Joint Action Formula for Dogs made by NutriVet is an all-in-one joint supplement for dogs. It comes as an easy-to-chew tablet that can be fed directly to your dog or mixed into their food. Its key ingredient is cetyl myristoleate. This ingredient has been known to help with arthritis, joint pain, and inflammation. Additional ingredients such as glucosamine, bromelain, and ginger root extract also help support optimal joint health.


  • Complete joint supplement to support mobility and overall health
  • Active ingredient cetyl myristoleate
  • Can help relieve joint inflammation related to normal exercise and activity
  • Made in the USA


Up to 25 lbs:
Loading Dose (4-6 weeks): 2 tablets/day
Maintenance Dose: 1 tablet/day
26-50 lbs:
Loading Dose (4-6 weeks): 4 tablets/day
Maintenance Dose: 2 tablets/day
51-75 lbs:
Loading Dose (4-6 weeks): 6 tablets/day
Maintenance Dose: 3 tablets/day
76-100 lbs:
Loading Dose (4-6 weeks): 8 tablets/day
Maintenance Dose: 4 tablets/day
101+ lbs: 
Loading Dose (4-6 weeks) 10 tablets/day
Maintenance Dose: 5 tablets/day


FarmVet Tip:
To reduce the risk of upset stomach, it is best to give this supplement during or directly after a feeding. 


Keep out of reach of children. For canine use only. 


Active ingredients: cetyl myristoleate complex, glucosamine HCL, bromelain and ginger root extract.

Inactive ingredients: Lipase, magnesium stearate, dried whey, microcrystalline

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