Cool Calories 100


Cool Calories 100 is a concentrated fat supplement that provides essential fatty acids for weight gain as well as overall body condition including the skin and coat. This "cool" energy source contains five times the amount of fat of an equal amount of high-fat stabilized rice bran and can be fed to all types of horses. Easy to feed and a highly palatable powder, Cool Calories 100 is the right choice! Great for performance horses, hard keepers, and underweight horses. 


Size 20 lb

Directions for use: Feed Cool Calories 100 mixed into the grain portion of the diet at a rate of 2-4 oz per horse per day. Larger volumes (3-8 oz) can be fed to underweight performance horses undergoing intense training. Maintenance Dose is 2 scoops  (2 oz) daily. 

To prevent loose stool, gradually introduce Cool Calories 100 into the diet during a 2 week adaptation period. If loose stools should occur, decrease the amount of Cool Calories 100 being fed until the horse properly adapts to the diet. 

One measuring scoop holds approximately 1 oz of Cool Calories 100. 
FarmVet Tip: My old horse was a hard keeper and he lived on Cool Calories while I had him. It helped him to process his feed more effectively so by adding 3 oz  of Cool Calories, we were able to reduce his grain and he held his weight. By decreasing his grain, he in turn had more focus! - FarmVet Rider Mae

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Amazing supplement!


We have used this on all of our rescues that come through the farm and it helps their coat bloom in half of the time it would take with just a basic grain/hay program. I really believe that it puts weight on faster and helps their overall body condition.