Cool Cast

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1 - 11 qty. $7.99
12+ qty.$7.50

Cool-Cast offers supportive, antiphlogistic care and treatment to help reduce inflammation, swelling and tenderness. Cool-Cast is effective as light support after intra-articular injections. It is also effective for the following equine ailments: 

  • bowed tendons
  • stocking up (edema)
  • suspensory ligament damage 
  • wind puffs and fractured sesamoid bone

1 - 11 qty. $7.99
12+ qty.$7.50

Size 4 x 10 yd

Cool-Cast also helps reduce inflammation associated with arthritis, tendonitis and periostitis. Cool-Cast has been approved for human use as well, and is excellent on sprains and strains.
Equine Use:
Uniformly wrap the affected leg . Smooth out with palm of hand and let set. In most cases, swelling should subside overnight or within 24 hours. If swelling persists, remove Cool-Cast bandage and contact your veterinarian. 

Human Use:
Just apply the Cool-Cast with two or three wraps, then over-wrap with an elastic support bandage to keep the medication inside.

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