D-Carb Balance

Med-Vet Pharmaceuticals
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Nutritional Support for: Insulin Resistance (IR); Glucose Intolerance, Cushings, and Laminitis.

D-Carb™ (Balance) supports glucose metabolism in order to help maintain proper blood sugar levels within a normal range. Since high carbohydrate levels (found in grain and rich alfalfa hay) are often restricted in IR diets, it is important to provide essential mineral nutrients, necessary for nutritional support. D-Carb™ is designed for diets consisting of approximately 15-20 lbs of Timothy or Bermuda grass type hay, no grain, or small amounts and/or similar low carb feedstuffs (beet pulp) to provide calcium, phosphorus, vitamins, and trace minerals that would be lacking, given the restriction of grain and alfalfa-type hay (both high in carbohydrates). D-Carb™ (Balance) is pelletized and flavored to enhance palatability. Provides over 5,000 mg per day of Magnesium. Pellets.   SPECIAL ORDER ITEM. MANUFACTURER DIRECT SHIP.

40 day=10 lbs.

100 day=25 lbs.

140 day=35 lbs.

$58.95 to $168.99

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