Dual Layer Bone

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This Playology Dual Layer Bone is the perfect entertainment for your busy pup. It has a softer exterior with a hard interior for a little give while chewing, but is highly durable. It is perfect for moderate to heavy chewers. Dogs' sense of smell is much stronger than their tastebuds, and scent is the main way they experience the world! The Dual Layer Bone is scented with Playology's Encapsiscent Technology for endless hours of entertainment. Playology embedded delicious and enticing scent at a microscopic level that gets released from the fibers of the toy as your dog chews. It is subtle so you won't notice the scent but your dog will! This toy is easy to wash and is made from dog-safe materials, free of lead, phthalates, and other harmful toxins.


  • Durable chewing toy
  • Soft exterior with a firm interior
  • Encapsiscent Technology provides an enticing but subtle scent
  • Free of harmful or toxic materials
  • Easy to wash with warm water
  • Available in multiple all-natural scents
  • For moderate to heavy chewers


Small: Up to 15lbs
Medium: 15 to 35lbs
Large: 35lbs and Up


No toy is indestructible. Keep an eye out for any rips or tears. Dispose if the toy is damaged. Select the appropriate-sized toy for your dog to avoid choking risk.

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