Epsom Salt Poultice

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Epson salt poultice can be applied topically to relieve minor pains, bruises, and pains that can be associated with muscle and joint injuries. It helps relieve the pain associated with sprains, strains, bruises, and insect bites.

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• Provides the benefit of Epsom Salt in an easy to use poultice
• Will not burn or blister the skin
• Can be used on abscessed hooves


• Apply a thin layer to the affected area
• May be covered with cotton and/or wrapped
• Allow to draw and soothe the area for 36 to 48 hours
• Repeat as needed
• For hooves: pack the entire sole and frog to draw abscesses or help relieve bruised soles. Cover with a wrap or boot for 36 to 48 hours.


• Epsom Salt, methyl salicylate in water soluble base.

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