Farnam’s Equi-Spot treatment provides your horse with long-lasting protection against irritating, potentially disease-spreading insects. Equi-Spot’s weatherproof formula won’t wash off with rain or sweat, which means one application provides up to two weeks of protection against ticks, flies, and mosquitoes. This long-lasting repellent is perfect for pastured horses who are continuously exposed to insects and don’t receive daily fly spray applications.


Size 30 ml

Active Ingredient: Permethrin (45.0%)

Also contains other inactive ingredients
Wearing gloves is recommended when applying this product. Remove one applicator from the package, then gently snap the narrow tip off the top. Apply one entire applicator (10mL of product) to the horse’s body using the diagram on the package. For best results, apply one quarter-sized spot of product to each location highlighted in the diagram on both the left and right side of the horse’s body. 

Do not allow product to contact the horse’s eyes or mucous membranes. Wrap empty applicator to prevent residue from leaking and put in a trashcan.  
FarmVet Tip:

Equi-Spot is perfect for horses living in fields with lots of tall grass and bushes -- this is where ticks love to hide!
For external use on horses only. Do not use on foals under 12 weeks of age, or on horses intended for consumption. Do not apply to or allow ingestion in cats, as Equi-Spot may be toxic and potentially fatal to them. Harmful if swallowed or absorbed through skin. Causes moderate eye irritation. Wash hands and clothes thoroughly with soap after application. Dispose of responsibly. Do not pour unused product down the drain. 

Some horses may be sensitive to ingredients in Equi-Spot. If sensitivity or irritation occurs, bathe the horse with a mild, non-insecticidal shampoo and rinse thoroughly. If symptoms continue, consult a veterinarian.

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