Esperia Fetlock Boots (Pair)


Esperia Fetlock Boots provide protection for your horse’s hind legs. The secure velcro strap keeps the boot in place during training or shows, while the impact resistant strike zone keeps your horse safe. It also comes in a wide variety of stylish colors, matching the rest of the attractive Esperia set.


Size Full

Attribute black

A study yet fashionable pair of protective boots for your horse’s hind legs. These boots come in a variety of colors and complement the rest of the Esperia tack set.
  • Strong strike zone protects the fetlock
  • Secure velcro straps
  • Large assortment of colors to choose from
FarmVet Tip:

Fetlock boots are useful to show jumpers because they protect your horse’s fetlock from its opposite hooves and from any rails, while still allowing the horse to feel if it contacts an obstacle. However, while lameness could be caused by impact injury, consult a veterinarian, as the problem could be more serious that that.

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