Flexineb 2 Equine Nebulizer


The Flexineb 2 Equine Nebulizer helps alleviate respiratory problems in horses through the use of aerosolized medications and natural therapies. The flexible mask is light-weight, portable, and silent, making it perfect for use at home or on the road. The Flexineb 2 unit fits over the horse’s muzzle and creates a seal, ensuring maximum inhalation of desired products occurs. 

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An adjustable regulator allows full control of the exit valve, enabling the caregiver to bypass the valve for easy breathing or to facilitate inhalation of the medication deep into the lungs. The transparent aerosol-holding chamber allows the user to see the aerosol mist being generated by the Flexineb 2 system. When the horse inhales, the chamber empties as the horse receives the aerosolized treatment.
Do not leave horses unattended while using the Flexineb 2 system.

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