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Foran B-Complete is a palatable supplement containing B-vitamins for optimal blood cell function. It also contains prebiotics for improved digestive health, improved appetite, and maximum nutrient absorption from the hindgut. These active ingredients work together to optimize energy production and metabolism.

This supplement will support energy production from both the cellular and the nutritional level. B-Complete is a great option for horses in intense training, often traveling, easily fatigued, or that struggle with reduced appetite. The liquid formula makes it easy to feed and add to any diet.


  • B-vitamins support blood cell function
  • Prebiotics support digestive health
  • Maximized nutrient absorption
  • Improved appetite
  • Good for horses in intense training, traveling, or need appetite support
  • Palatable liquid formula


Horses over 900lbs: Feed 1 fluid oz
Horses under 900lbs: Feed 1/2 fluid oz

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